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February 26 2012

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Lasst uns alles frei und kostenlos machen - Die Freie Welt Charta (The Free World Charter) - YouTube
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February 24 2012

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Albrecht Müller: Die Methoden der Krise - Wie mit Griechenland Politik gemacht wird (2012.02) - YouTube
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February 23 2012

February 21 2012

Habe ich gelesen. Interssant und empfehlenswert, das Buch!

February 13 2012

February 12 2012

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Tomas Sedlacek - Die Ökonomie von Gut und Böse - YouTube
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February 07 2012

January 29 2012

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Richard Wolff: Replace Capitalism ( ~90 min)

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Economics Professor Richard Wolff details the problems of capitalism and urges our recognizing its obsolescence and replacing it with institutions that truly serve the people.
Talk at Church of All Souls in New York City, January 24, 2012. Camera, audio: Joe Friendly

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see also:

- Richard Wolff, Q and A after Replacing Capitalism talk

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January 24 2012

January 22 2012


Was mein ist, ist auch dein! Hier dreht sich alles um Ko-Konsum (Collaborative Consumption)
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